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Machinery and Equipment Repair and Sales

 Repair and Sales

ESI works with many manufacturers and with its buying power can get most any piece of equipment at discounted rates. We have also tried many industry equipment norms and found the best and can offer the best.  

ESI offers motor rewinds.

Repairs of equipment is one of our specialties.  Rather than replacing the equipment, repair can be much more cost effective.

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Treatment Enhancers

ESI has also found treatment enhancers that when added to a wastewater stream can increase Dissolved Oxygen (eliminating odors), lower CBOD and TSS in the influent stream, help eliminate FOG (especially grease) build up in manholes, lift stations and piping preventing a host of issues. There are treatments to help lower Nitrogen and even eat accumulated sludge to help lessen wasting or clean Chlorine Contact Chambers and Ponds.  Use photo labeled BioEnergizer for this section

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Water & Wastewater Engineering and Construction

Underground Piping, Lift Station and Manhole Construction

Treatment Plant and Lift Station: Operations & Maintenance

Inspections including CEI and Compliance; Valuations and Condition Evaluations

HCP Pump Distributor (Home of the Jet Pump Mixer)

Machinery and Equipment Repair and Sales

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