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Inspections (CEI & Compliance); Condition Evaluations and Valuations

Inspections (CEI & Compliance)

Our inspection and troubleshooting services are second to none. Our inspectors work for our own projects but also are contracted to other engineering firms and owners being their eyes and ears.   ESI inspectors ensure that the job comes in as designed and specified.  Now engineers as well as system owners and managers have finally found a company that relieves stressful encounters with contractors, system owners and engineers.  As a “go-between” ESI strategies are simple: knowledge, hard work and communication. Keeping all parties informed and up to speed, asking questions, and applying good practices help to break down barriers and encourages true team efforts. Completing a project on time, within budget, (and with all interested parties actually enjoying their working relationship), ESI has developed the reputation of excellence. Our reputation did not come easily; it continues to take hard work, dedication and a solid background in simply knowing how to get things done. Going the extra mile means bringing back service in an industry where service has suffered.

The main goal of ESI is to make the preconstruction and construction processes move smoothly. This process, while intellectually simple, requires diligence and effort as well as specific but simple planning.

Our focus is to not only give the owners what they expect and need, but to keep all aspects of the job running as smoothly as possible. Productive team efforts make every aspect less costly for all concerned.

Potable Water and Wastewater Treatment Facility Design and Build

Condition Evaluations and Valuations: 

Discovering issues and violations before being written up by the Department of Environmental Protection can prevent headaches and fines. ESI offers Condition Inspections which no only can help eliminate finable situations, but can also help improve your treatment plants performance by finding items that should be repaired or upgraded.   Reports with photos help cut through management red tape and keep your treatment facility running with peak performance.   Estimated costs (if applicable) for repairs can also be made to help budgetary concerns.   This type of inspection can prove vital to investors and banks when determining if a site is a good investment or not if the site also employs a treatment facility (facilities).

Water and wastewater treatment facilities have a value and can also be a bottomless pit of expense.   Valuations are a tool that places a value on infrastructure that may help banks and investors make decisions on loans and purchases.   At the same time, a treatment facility may have hidden issues that may be costly or even impractical to improve on.   The condition of a plant or its ability to remain within the confines of DEP regulations can result in the decision of purchasing a property a profitable one or a bottomless pit.   We have inspected mobile home parks and businesses that appeared to be good investments to the buyers but after our inspection found items not brought to the attention of the buyer, it dramatically changed the purchase price or became so costly to repair, stopped the purchase completely.  Having this insight before becoming an owner can make or break an investment.

Potable Water and Wastewater Treatment Facility Design and Build

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