Water & Wastewater — Ops & Maintenance

FDEP ConsultingDealing with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP or DEP) can be easy or sometimes a strain. Finding solutions that not only meets DEP regulations and also budget concerns can be a mind-bending job at times.

ESI has a long history engaged in matters with DEP. We have worked hard to earn and gain a reputation of integrity and honesty with DEP as well as with our clients. We can find the most economical method that will not only endure, but plan for future source issues.

ESI specializes in assisting owners with DEP or health department consent orders.Contract OperationsOver the past 25 years, the ESI has operated and managed more than 250 municipal and commercial treatment plants. We currently provide communities, across the state of Florida and throughout the U.S., with a variety of water and wastewater services for their systems.

We have trained new operators and come up with innovative steps and procedures that help keep the smallest of package treatment plants to the largest municipal treatment plants working smoothly and in compliance with DEP regulations.

Clients who turn to us for contract operations of wastewater facilities benefit from the added value we bring when compared with other firms because of our solid engineering skills – from facilities planning and troubleshooting through design, construction, startup and operator training.

When facilities are challenged by inefficient operations or compliance issues, ESI engineers, operators and service personnel team up to evaluate operations from a multitude of perspectives. Evaluations can include a multitude of sources from performance and infrastructure conditions, to staff skill levels and even management. Then we identify how to maintain compliance and get the most out of a client's facility by optimizing existing assets before considering costly capital investments. This expertise is available to clients as consulting services to train your personnel and/or available in contract operations and maintenance.Maintenance, Repair & ConstructionMaintenance and repair are necessary for the proper operation and quality effluent of any treatment plant. It is our goal to keep our clientele happy by offering affordable as well as quality engineering design, operations and construction/ repair.

Experience is not only vital to designing a treatment facility and its many components, but it is also important to have someone knowledgeable and experienced install this equipment. Much of our work is repairing recent repairs completed by other contractors.

Over the years, ESI has developed their own standards to help facility owners get the most of their system, not only in performance, but also longevity. Doing it right the first time does matter.Compliance Inspection, Evaluation & AnalysisThe best way to save money in facility management is to avoid spending money needlessly. One of the easiest and most profitable methods is avoiding paying fines. This service is automatic for clients who utilize our Contract Operations services. If you have your own operators, ESI can complement with inspections to help keep the facilities in compliance DEP regulations and the local health departments.

Inspections and evaluations have several different levels; several are listed, depending on the facility's needs:
  1. Operations
  2. Sampling
  3. Maintenance
  4. Personnel
  5. Paperwork
  6. Permitting
  7. General Compliance
  8. Design
Preventative Maintenance ProgramsPreventative Maintenance has become an industry unto itself in recent years. It has also come to encompass not only preventative maintenance on machinery, but in management, key personnel and paperwork as well and is also known as Best Management Practices, or BMPs.CBOD and Nitrate Removal and ConsultingWhat works for one treatment facility, may not work at another treatment facility.

Recently, with changes to DEP permitting regulations, some areas of Florida, wastewater effluent standards for treatment facilities have higher standards than others. The cost of complying with these new regulations can seem impossible and when solutions are found, they are often costly.

ESI operates facilities with some of the most stringent ground water regulations in the country and we employ existing methods and designs that can keep these facilities in compliance.

There are also some fairly inexpensive products available on the market that can increase effluent clarity, lower effluent results and maintain systems in compliance.

Call ESI for a consultation.Pipe, Tank ReliningRelining piping to prevent Infiltration and Inflow are often cost preventative measures. Inflow & Infiltration studies are available. Relining with DEP approved materials in ways that are also cost efficient can help save money in the long run as well as help prevent pipe cave-ins, etc.

  • Manholes
  • Lift Stations / Wet Wells
  • Concrete / Metal / Fiberglass Tanks
  • Pond Liners
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Infrastructure
  • Water Treatment Plant Infrastructure (Meets ANSI 61-5 Standards)
  • Storm Water Infrastructure
Tank relining efforts with drinking water holding tanks can be costly and difficult. Temporary By-pass tanks are available along with the best in liner materials that have longevity to keep costs down.Odor ControlIn the wastewater industry, there are hundreds of different products, equipment packages and methods of odor control. Keeping odors to a minimum at collection stations, lift stations and treatment plants can be vital to keeping neighbors happy and meeting DEP requirements. Odor control can also be closely related to maintenance and repair costs.

As operators, ESI controls odors in wastewater systems (lift stations to effluent stations) often with added benefits of enhanced treatment processes and limited, or even lowered, wasting needs.Asset ManagementOver the past 25 years, ESI personnel have operated and managed more than 250 municipal and commercial treatment plants. Management included all aspects of operations, maintenance, repairs, new construction, compliance, testing, and more. Many Asset Management software formats are supported. If you do not have software system in place, a system of your choice can be put into place for you. For budget conscience systems, simple software systems are available.