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Engineering Solutions International

Serving Private and Municipal Water and Wastewater Facilities


Who We Serve

Engineering Solutions International (ESI) provides a variety of services for private and municipal water and wastewater facilities as well as storm water and reclaimed water systems throughout Central Florida. ESI supplies vital industry components as designer as well as distributor to many diverse clients. Repair services for motors, pumps, gear boxes and a variety of machinery and equipment.


Our Commitment to Clients

The ESI team offers clients the best service and expertise our field has to offer. With exceptional communication, our integrated approach to facility challenges, along with our innovative solutions and responsive staff, will help makes ESI your preferred consultant and a trusted industry leader.


The ESI Difference

ESI has gathered professional engineers, inspectors, contractors and certified operators and when coupled with our principled work ethic provide a seldom dedication to clientele while offering a seldom seen comprehensive array of knowledge, expertise and services to governmental and private utilities.

Engineering and Construction - Operations and Maintenance

For any water and wastewater utility project, tight budgets can restrict the scope of design which may include desired equipment. It is our goal to create affordable designs and perform repairs for facilities that will also ease operational costs and labor while including needed components and still meet budget constraints.

ESI eliminates many difficulties and obstacles by combining engineering, operation, construction and maintenance experience all in one team without the added costs.

Operations and Maintenance often creates excessive costs to any water and wastewater treatment plant. Experience can often find alternatives that will help keep your treatment plant(s) in compliance and in good working order in the most economic method possible.

In keeping with our commitment to provide economical services, ESI also offers many motors, pumps, control panels as well as many other industry related equipment. Visit our sales pages for more information and some of the most competitive pricing in the industry.

HCP Pumps America Distributor

HCP believes in creating quality, affordable products that will help you get the job done right the first time, every time.

Client Testimonials

Thank you very much for sharing the name of the company we had change out our lift pumps. It presented a problem for them also with everything rusted solid in place. We tried to work on soon after it was reported and realized we did not have the type of equipment to do the change out. ESI finished it in the same day and the job looks great. Everyone here is very happy to be able to use the facilities again. I would certainly recommend them if more help is needed in this area.


I have known and worked with Lee and Fred for several years on various jobs and projects. They have both always been honest and above board in everything that they did, and with a Can Do attitude. They both have always done an outstanding job on every project by putting the clients needs first. They are both very knowledgeable and skilled in their field. I would recommend them very highly.


It has been a great pleasure working with you (ESI). I have been at this facility for 44 years and we have had several operators, but in the past, before using you (ESI), we were always getting non-compliance letters from FDEP because of past operators not doing their job. In fact, with you (ESI), we have got good reports from FDEP complementing our plant.

Any time we have any issues, your operator gives us a heads up. Thanks for Good Service!


Associated Grocers of Florida

Over 80-years of Combined Experience

Providing Consultation, Design, Construction, Operations, Maintenance and Inspection Services to the Water and Wastewater Industry

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Lee Cain

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Email: lee.cain@esi-usa.net

Fred Lane

Cell: 352-789-0398
Email: fred.lane@esi-usa.net

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3780 NE 40th Place, Ocala, FL 34479

Engineering Solutions International

3780 NE 40th Place
Ocala, FL 34479

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